DNA ASC120D – Dual 12″ Sealed Sub Box


Dual 12″ Subwoofer Enclosure


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Dual 12″ Sealed Sub Box

DNA Designer Audio ASC120D

12 Inch Sealed Double Subwoofer Enclosure with curved top and flat back and solid MDF divider wall between the 2 chambers

DNA ASC120D – Features:

  • Box size: 350mm H x 772mm W x 355mm D
  • 1.77 cuft (0.885 cuft per chamber) / 50 litres (25 litres per chamber)
  • Box construction: 16mm MDF wood
  • Box 117 colour: Grey
  • Speaker terminal: 2 x Screw down terminals with banana sockets
  • Speaker wire: Supplied with 2 x 50cm of 16 gauge speaker wire with terminals
  • Dacron included

Packaging: Cardboard box


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