Alpine LC70-X902D-HEMA 9inch Infotainment system


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This product has been discontinued.


9” Infotainment Navigation System with Hema suitable for Toyota LandCruiser 70Series

Transform your Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series to a whole new level with Alpine’s all-new perfect fit solution, integrating a massive 9” navigation system into the dash. Equipped with a number of features you can enjoy Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, USB video and audio, DAB+ digital radio, Bluetooth music streaming, connected HDMI devices, navigation and much more.

Built for the 4WD lifestyle, the embedded Hema navigation lets you explore your off-road adventures with topographical maps. Plus, Alpine’s premium navigation gives you high-resolution street maps with 3D city views, safety camera alerts and speed zones. What’s more, you can seamlessly route on-road to an off-road destination with Alpine 3D terrain off-road turn-by-turn navigation, and search to find the nearest caravan and campsites, off-road tracks and 4WD POIs.


Suitable for Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series

Alpine provides you with all the necessary components to seamlessly integrate the superb X902D into a Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series. The elegant design of the fascia delivers a perfect replacement to the factory dash while the included mounting brackets ensure everything behind the dash is in place and easy to install. To accommodate the massive 9?? touch screen Alpine have included a replacement hazard key that fits into a blank slot in the factory dash. This unique design ensures all important features are perfectly integrated with this magnificent upgrade.


Hema 4WD Maps

Alpine’s all-new X902D-F is preloaded with Hema 4WD topographical maps, providing advanced off-road navigation and a wide selection of Australia and regional specific maps all at your fingertips. This includes digitised Hema touring maps for Cape York, Fraser Island, the Kimberley, High Country Victoria, Great Desert Track maps and more. Stay safe and at ease knowing you can never lose your bearings while driving off- road. Your dream adventure is waiting for you with Hema maps in-built on the Alpine navigation system.


Hema Australia Seamless Maps

To suit virtually every purpose, you have on hand a wide selection of off-road Hema Seamless Maps preloaded. These maps include the following;

• Australia Key Map
• Australia Topo 250K
• Hema Explorer 1_1M Map (8 Types)
• World


Hema Australia Regional Maps

In addition to the Hema Seamless Maps you also have Hema Regional Maps which includes Cape York, Fraser Island, Great Desert Tracks, High Country Victoria, the Kimberley and many more.For the full list of Hema Regional Maps visit www.


Premium Built-In Navigation

Navigation has never been easier with the advanced Primo 3.0 platform. This provides an intuitive driving experience with 3D landmarks, 3D cityscapes, high resolution maps, lane guidance and safety camera and speed zone alerts. Avoid accidents and congestion with HereTM live trafficthat can automatically reroute you aroundhazards and blocked roads. GPS receptionis received with pinpoint accuracy with theGPS and Glonass dead-reckoning system. Whilst 3 years of free map updates ensure your navigation system is up to date.


Smartphone Navigation

The X902D-F includes a precision GPS and Glonass antenna which ensures a pin-point and highly accurate navigation experience when using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Voice control works seamlessly with this function allowingyou via speech to set your destinationand start driving.


Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay provides your iPhone functions all through the 9” display. You can get directions, make calls, send and receive messages and listen to music keeping you connected and entertained while driving.


Android Auto

Android Auto allows for the connection of an Androidsmartphone sanctioning phone calls, text messages, Google maps, other apps and voice control through the magnificent 9” capacitive touch display.


Built-In Bluetooth

Built-in Bluetooth enables wireless connection of a mobile phone for the convenience and safety of hands free phone and audio streaming. Plus, you can use voice control through the built-in or wired microphone.


USB Connectivity

A multitude of source options are available through the USB input on the X902D-F,you can connect memory devices oplayback audio and video files, plus music from compatible iPod’s or iPhone’s. High resolution music files such as Flac can be played back at 24Bit/96kHz or greater providing Hi-Res Audio capability. Furthermore, AVI, MKV and MP4 video files can be played up to HD 1080p with superb clarity providing the ultimate in- dash entertainment experience.


Quick Spec Run down

9” Solution suitable for Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
GPS / Glonass Antenna Included
USB Input and HDMI Input/Output
Built-In Bluetooth (Pair up to 5 devices)
Customised Opening Screen
Spotify Internet Radio Ready (when using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto)
FM/AM Radio With RDS
DAB+ Digital Radio (KAE-242DA-R)
GUI Background (Sporty Blue, Sporty Red, Stylish White, Stylish Red, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Amber)
Key Illumination (Blue, Light Blue, Aqua, Red, Green, Yellow, Amber, White)
Rear AV Output / AUX Input
CAN/UART Vehicle Data-Bus Ready
CD/DVD Ready with optional DVE-5300
Steering Wheel Control Ready
Hema Off-Road Map Database Preloaded • Advanced Primo 3.0 Navigation
3 Years Free Map Updates
3D Landmarks and City Maps
TMC Live Traffic Updates
3D Landmarks and City Maps
Enhanced POI Database
School Zones Fixed Speed & Red Light Camera Alerts • Advanced 4WD Off Road Maps
High Grade Audiophile Design
6-Channel Digital Time Correction
Bass Engine SQ / MediaXpander
9-Band Parametric EQ / Crossover
4 x 50W High Power Amp / 3 PreOuts (4 Volts)
Direct Camera Port
RCA Camera Input (via Optional CAM-ALP-ADP)
Front, Rear and Side Camera Ready


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