Gator HUDGPS1 Head-up Display (HUD)


Heads Up Display


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Head-up Display (HUD)


The Gator HUDGPS1  head-up displays (HUD) give you vehicle information projected onto your windscreen so you can keep your eyes on the road. They connect via either your Vehicle’s Speed Sensor (VSS), On-board Diagnostics port (ODB2) or as a stand alone unit using a built in Global Positioning System (GPS). They display speed, give speed warnings and the ODB2 version can also display RPM, MPG, Engine loading, Fuel consumption rate, battery voltage, throttle position, engine coolant temperature and even acceleration test data.


Gator HUDGPS1 Features:

  • GPS Heads Up Display
  • Driving speed display (green)
  • Speed warning
  • Speed unit switch (km-miles)
  • Speeding warning setup
  • Speeding warning On/Off switch
  • Speed fine adjustment setup
  • Outward illuminant
  • Auto adjust brightness through sensor for day & night-time driving.
  • Use GPS signal, requires no wiring to the VSS (vehicle speed signal), suitable for any vehicles
  • Easy setup
  • Plug & play- power through vehicle cigarette outlet jack, no professional installation is required
  • 12V – 24V



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