Mosconi DSP 4to6 Sound Processor



Stand Alone DSP Sound Processor
The Digital Signal Processor with 4 inputs and 6 outputs.




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Mosconi DSP 4to6 Sound Processor


Moskoni DSP 4to6 – FEATURES:

The Digital Signal Processor with 4 inputs and 6 outputs.
Highest resolution, e.g. time delay in 0,02 msec/step, Q in steps of 0.001
Parametric and Graphic EQ with up to 30 (para-graphical) bands per channel pair
All settings in real-time
USB and BT adapter (MOS-BTM), for adjusting by PC and Android smart phone apps
Low-level or High-level input with auto-sense (only by High-Level)
Aux input with auto-sense for stereo signal
Hands-free and mobile navigation
4 presets
Mixer matrix to realize all possible mixtures and couple input and output channels as desired
Intuitive User Interface and video tutorials to avoid an instruction book.
Operating also without mouse, only with keys for an easy adjusting in the car
DSP Technology made by cooperation MOSCONI-GLADEN
Designed and made by MOSCONI, Italy


Input Mode:    Low Level {LL} / High Level {HL}
Input Impedance:    > 10Kohm (LL) / 47ohm (HL)
Input Sensitivity:    2Vrms ÷ 8Vrms (LL / 5Vrms ÷ 20Vrms (HL)
Input Voltage Regulation:    -12dB ÷ 0dB
Max Output Signal:    4Vrms
Output Impedance:    50 ohm
T.H.D. Distortion:    …
Frequency Response:    20Hz ÷ 20KHz (within -0.1dB)
Channel Separation:    >75dB (@ 1KHz)
Supply Voltage:    11V ÷ 15V
Current Consumption:    0.5A @ 12V
Ground Isolation vs Car Body:    1Kohm
Autosense:    Two operative modes (yes, High Level mode only)
Remote Output:    130mA max
Communication Peripherals: On-board USB, Bluetooth socket, Remote controller connector for optional display-control unit
Dimensions:    150 x 125 x 40 mm (including fixing feet)

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