OPAL Active Headrest DVD Player


Rear Seat Entertainment – Head Rest Screens

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OPAL Active Headrest DVD Player

Active Headrest DVD Player


10.1 inch WiFi Display DVD player Entertainment system Capacitive Touch Screen – DVD Loading – Screen Mirroring Function – Smart Link WiFi Display Function

Screen Mirroring Function: Smart Link achieve the same screen with your phone.

( Android & IOS )

Super error correcting, strong Disk reading, dual anti-quake, High temperature slot-in loader.

Smart Link WiFi Display Function: Smart link WiFi display can achieve audio and video resources from smart phone, you can enjoy bigger screen. At the same time, the FM transmitter transmits your music through your in-car audio system in order to enjoy the Hi-Fi sound in the car.



  • Wireless Phone Connectivity for Screen Mirroring
  • 10.1” Touch Screen DVD Player X2
  • Removable for safe keeping
  • Suitable for cars with active headrests
  • Universal brackets fits most cars
  • Compatible with DVD/MPEG4/AVI [recommended] CD/VCD/CD-RW
  • FM Audio Transmitter
  • USB & SD Card Ports
  • Includes 2 Wireless Headphones
  • Slim line stylish design
  • High resolution TFT Screen
  • Backed by 3 years nation wide warranty



Suitable for Active Headrests Only. That means the Headrest must have an in-bult Airbag.


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