Phoenix Gold ELITE.1 – Mono Block Amplifier

Reference Series Mono Block Amplifier

This product has been discontinued.


Phoenix Gold ELITE.1

Reference Monoblock Amplifier, 1x 3,200w RMS

The Phoenix Gold Elite.1 series amplifier is a direct descendant of the legendary MS/MPS series designs that put PG in a class of its own…

Phoenix Gold ELITE.1


These Elite amps are considered the PINNACLE OF EXCELLENCE featuring only the finest audio components such as Burr Brown op-amps, monolithic signal capacitors, and dual-package . Sanken output transistors. This result is unparalleled sonic performance in a mobile audio amplifier.

The sheer breadth of the Phoenix Gold Elite.1 amplifiers’ dynamic range conveys a musical realism that transcends standard amplifier designs having a +/- 1dB frequency response from 10-50kHz. With seemingly unlimited frequency response and smashing dynamic range the end result is the finest sounding amplifier Phoenix Gold has ever built, period.

By the way, they are also built like a brick house and drive low impedance loads without breaking a sweat or sacrificing sound quality.


Phoenix Gold ELITE.1 – Overview

  • Reference Monoblock Channel Amplifier
    1x 3,200w RMS @ 1ohm

Phoenix Gold ELITE.1 – Features

  • Class D Topology
  • Overbuilt Quad Unregulated Power Supplies
  • Handwound Power Supply Transformers
  • Isolated Pre-Amp Section
  • Crossovers have 41 Detents for Exact Frequency Selection
  • Aluminum Shaft Potentiometers
  • Panel Mounted RCAs
  • Clip Indicators
  • Extruded Aluminum Heatsink with Evenflow Technology
  • Integrated Cooling via Endcap Vents
  • Each Amp is Shipped in its Own Soft Felt Protective Cover
  • High Temperature Plexiglass Cover
  • RMD – Remote Voltage Display Ready
  • Remote Level Control with Clip Indicator Included
  • Linkable or strappable to an additional Elite.1
  • Audio Precision Quality Control Verification
  • Power Output Birth Certificate
  • 23.3″ L x 10.5″ W x 2.6″ H

*Warranty as per Phoenix Gold Australia’s Terms and Conditions

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