Phoenix Gold Elite2.12D2 12inch Subwoofer


12″ 2 ohm Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer

The Phoenix Gold Elite2.12D2  12″ Subwoofers are the finest Phoenix Gold subwoofers period.

Engineered with extreme precision.

The new Elite2 features the legendary tri-LEDs on the dust cap which is now customizable and field serviceable.


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This product has been discontinued.




Phoenix Gold Elite2.12D2  12″ Subwoofer

The Phoenix Gold 30 Year legacy lives on – with Award-Winning Performance

The ELITE.2-series are Phoenix Gold’s Reference level subwoofers. This is the series where they turned their engineers loose and allowed them to design and build a no-holds barred musical monster. The ELITE.2 subwoofers have been re-engineered with Japanese-built high-temp 3” voice coils for hugely increased power handling and reliability. The large voice coil is then matched to a massive triple-stacked 230oz motor complete with radial venting, to provide huge motor force while keeping its cool.

The ELITE.2 carries across the legacy of Phoenix Gold’s legendary tri-LED’s mounted in the dust cap, and they are now fully customizable with easy to remove stainless steel bolts. Aside from the cosmetic upgrades, our new dual spider system keeps the ultra-long voice coil centred to ensure true linearity throughout the massive excursion of the speaker cone. With an whopping 3,500w RMS of power handling these subs are sure to sound amazing, and be heard by your neighbour, even though he moved across town last summer!

Engineered with extreme precision high temp 3″ voice coils from Japan for increased power handling and reliability, a large triple-stacked 230oz motor and radial venting for 30% better heat dissipation over the previous model.

The new Phoenix Gold Elite2.12D2 features the legendary tri-LEDs on the dust cap which is now customizable and field serviceable.

The dual spider system keeps the ultra long voice coil centered to eliminate any motor vibrations and losses.

The speaker terminals are also located on one side of the cast basket for better installation flexibility.

These subwoofers are optimized for both sealed or vented enclosures to produce accurate sound quality and massive SPL performance. So the end result is a smooth, effortless output even during massive excursion or extreme power.

Phoenix Gold Elite2.12D2 – Features

  • Dual 2ohm Voice Coils
  • 1200w RMS
  • Easy Connect Single Location Speaker Terminal
  • Radial Backplate Venting System
  • Long Throw Dual Spider Suspension
  • High Excursion CAE/CAD Motor Design
  • Woven Tinsel Leads
  • Black Anodized Aluminum Former
  • One Piece Injection Polypropylene Dustcap
  • High Roll Butyl Rubber Double Stitched Surround
  • Optimized for Sealed or Vented Enclosures
  • Rigid Powder Coated Anti-Resonant Castbasket
  • Quick Disconnect Series/Parallel Wires Included
  • 2.5” Ultra High Temp Copper Wound Voice Coil
  • 60mm of Peak to Peak Excursion

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