Phoenix Gold ONE-RX112 RX 12″ Subwoofer + ‘THE ONE’


12″ RX Series Subwoofer – Single 4ohm, 500w RMS + ‘THE ONE’ Enclosure



Phoenix Gold ONE-RX112 RX

12″ Single 4ohm 500w RMS + ‘THE ONE’

The Phoenix Gold 30 Year legacy lives on – with Award-Winning Performance

12″ Subwoofer + Custom Ported Enclosure
• 12″ RX series Single 4ohm subwoofer
• 500w RMS (CEA-2031 Rated)
• ‘THE ONE’ Custom Ported Enclosure

‘THE ONE’ Enclosure
Designed and tested in house at Phoenix Gold Australia, ‘THE ONE’ has been specifically designed to get the very best performance from your Phoenix Gold RX and SX series 12″ subwoofers.
‘THE ONE’ was computer designed and then real world tested in a variety of vehicles to attain the most musical and visceral performance possible. The outer dimensions and design elements were also specifically chosen to offer you the most flexible installation options, ranging from single and dual subwoofer installs, to full custom boot installations including custom trim panels and lighting.

Designed for Sound Quality & Performance
• Tuned Low (32Hz) to Play the Lowest of Lows
• Tuned Low for Fast Punchy Bass (50Hz+ at <4ms)
• Smart Port Design for Maximum Efficiency (<34m/s)

Designed for Custom Installation
• External Dimensions Fit Many Vehicles
• Designed for Dual Box Installations
• Designed for Custom Trim Panels and Lighting

Tuned Low

‘THE ONE’ box was designed to fill a gap in the current 12” subwoofer enclosure market – the lack of enclosures that play the low frequencies into the bottom musical octave (20-40Hz).
After extensive modelling and in-vehicle testing a 32Hz tuning was chosen for ‘THE ONE’. This low tuning point remains above the Fs of most low frequency drivers avoiding unloading and non-linearity issues.

Tuning ‘THE ONE’ to such a low frequency also enables our Phoenix Gold subwoofers to showcase their ability to play the lowest of lows through either the fundamental notes found in much of today’s popular electronic and remixed music, or through the precise reproduction of the subtle harmonics found in all acoustic music.

Fast Response

By tuning low, ‘THE ONE’ shifts the major Group Delay point below the frequency range reproduced by most front stage speaker systems. This avoids the typical Slow & Boomy response found in most ported enclosures.  By retaining an extremely fast transient response in the 50Hz and higher frequency range (<4ms), ‘THE ONE’ accurately blends the crucial transition between the subwoofer and midbass/midrange.

Smart Port Design

Knowing that our Phoenix Gold subwoofers like to play the lowest notes also meant that they would move a lot of air!  With this in mind we designed our port in the most efficient manner possible while not making it so big that it made the entire enclosure too large.  Using a top mounted port design not only allows symmetrical loading when creating a Dual box installation, but it also allows for a more intelligent solution to the problem of tuning low.

The lower a port is tuned, the longer it needs to be, this means it needs to bend around the interior of the enclosure.  Each of these bends can add turbulence in the port, decreasing efficiency and increasing unwanted noise.  Combining a top port with an angled rear wall allowed us to avoid a tight angle when bending the port inside the box, so less turbulence and greater efficiency.  We also terminated the port directly at the bottom corner of the enclosure, creating a natural ‘loading’ area so that more of the subwoofer’s output is transferred directly into the port.

The all adds up to Greater Output and Cleaner Sound.

Installation Flexibility

‘THE ONE’ was designed with the custom installer in mind, keeping the outer dimensions constrained to allow fitment into a wide variety of vehicles.

This includes the design requirement of creating a Dual subwoofer enclosure by attaching two boxes side by side, and still fitting between the strut towers of a small hatchback.  The placement of the ports at the Top of the enclosure also avoid any potential loading issues found in enclosures with either a right or left oriented port, resulting in an uneven port/sub/port/sub alignment. ‘THE ONE’ also features speaker terminals on BOTH sides of the enclosure making wiring your Dual subwoofer enclosure simple and easy.


Custom Installation
‘THE ONE’ also features design elements specifically aimed at the custom installer. The speaker baffle of the enclosure is white laminate and this panel is not angled. This allows the quick construction of a flat cosmetic Trim Panel in the boot which is easily spaced off of the speaker baffle. The addition of hidden LED Lighting is enhanced by reflecting your chosen colour off of the White Laminate to create an even Glow coming through the design elements of your cosmetic trim panel.






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