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Premium Noise Dampening


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Premium Sound Dampening


SoundSkins is premium sound deadening technology that works like headphones for your vehicle. When the product is installed, Soundskins Pro helps keep your interior sound such as conversation or music in your vehicle and outside sounds such as road noise and traffic out. Nobody wants to be jamming out to their favorite song and hear nearby construction noise spilling in.

Improve your vehicle’s sound system and reduce road noise in one single treatment. Sound deadening has long been the experts secret and now it’s yours.

This clever material simply lays onto the surface of your vehicle’s body and doors to create a barrier that adds performance to your stereo system but reduces all that unwanted road noise common to most new vehicles.

Combining a 1.5 mm layer of rubber butyl with a 3 mm of smooth acoustic foam on top, SoundSkins is a unique product combining both of these technologies to create a quality ease of use product.

Together these two materials in one, achieve maximum performance by reducing road noise and improving the sound in the single process.

  • High strength commercial grade adhesive that is still pliable enough to manipulate during application but strong enough once set to never fall off or de-laminate.
  • Denser foam to block more outside noise while still eliminating echo and vibrations.
  • Waxed backing paper for easy installation.
  • Thinner foam to allow panels and trims to seat better.
  • Large single piece design for quicker & neater application.


Soundskins RKSKIN -Specifications

* Weight – 2.7kg
* Thickness – 4.5mm
* Material – 1.5mm Butyl and 3mm Smooth Acoustic Foam
* Adhesive – High Level
* Size – 0.5m x 2m Sheet
* Coverage – 1sq Meter

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