Chipatronic CH-RVMON7 Mirror Monitor


Chipatronic CH-RVMON7 – 7″ Clip on Mirror Monitor.

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Chipatronic CH-RVMON7 – 7″ Clip On Mirror Monitor

The Chipatronic CH-RVMON7 Mirror Monitor has a Large 7” LCD for caravan towing, motorhomes etc.

Clip-on Mirror/Monitor goes over the original rearview mirror without removing it. Trigger activates the LCD automatically in reverse gear, 2 camera inputs available.


Choosing The Right Monitor

The monitor is what you will be looking at, so choosing this is very important, so there are a few basic questions to ask before you start:

  • Where do you want to be looking?
  • How big does the screen need to be?
  • How many cameras will be connected?
  • Any special requirements?

Signature Car Sound can answer all your questions and help guide you in choosing the right product to suit your needs as well as your budget.


Chipatronic CH-RVMON7 – 7” LCD, RCA input x 2, 12V DC, PAL or NTSC compatible.

* 12 Month Warranty as per Chipatronic Australia’s Terms and Conditions.


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