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Camera & Monitor Systems

“Enhance your Rear Vision and safety”

Camera and Monitor Packs:

Who really needs a reverse camera?

Everyone could benefit from the installation of a reverse camera and they aren’t just for large vehicles or 4WD’s.

Often modern vehicles suffer limited rear visibility, with some having blind spots in excess of 10 metres.

Reverse cameras are great for safety, convenience and extra peace of mind. Small children, animals and obstacles are easily obscured from view when behind even the smallest of vehicles and the addition of a reverse camera will dramatically improve your rear vision.



Connect to Factory or retrofitted in-dash screens:

To extend the functionality of your In-Dash colour screen/monitor we can add a reverse camera to your vehicle.

Even modern cars with factory fitted colour screens can have a reverse camera added.  Including many of the popular models including Holden Ford Toyota and many more.


  • Many reverse camera options (wide Angle, Multi View, Infa-red and Standard View)
  • Factory monitor Interfaces
  • Automatically triggered when reverse gear selected.
  • Reverse cameras offer many different mounting options including factory OEM finish


Dual Camera Systems:

Suitable for: Trailers, Caravans and Horse floats:

Dual cameras and dedicated monitor makes for the perfect system for use with both the tow vehicle and trailer.

In a lot of cases if you already have an in dash screen/monitor we can utilise these with as your monitor for your camera solutions.


  • Mirror Mount Monitors
  • Dash Mount Monitors
  • In Dash Screens
  • Dual Cameras
  • Switching gear
  • Extension cables (Longer vehicles/trailers)
  • Variety of mounting hardware.


Single Camera with Mirror or Freestanding Monitor:

Perfect for vehicles with poor rear vision including coupes, sedans, 4WD’s and commercial vehicles.


  • Mirror Mount
  • Integrated Screens
  • Stalk Mounted Monitors
  • Universal and vehicle specific mounts
  • Monitor sizes from 3.2″
  • Universal CCD Cameras
  • CMOS Cameras

Contact Signature Car Sound your specialist on the Sunshine Coast to discuss your options, we will find a solution to suit your needs and budget.




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