Command AP900 Cruise Control

Drive-by wire cruise control


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Command AP900



Command AP900 Cruise Control for DRIVE BY WIRE VEHICLES:

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to speed? Have you ever driven long distances and noticed that the longer you drive, the faster you drive?

More importantly it is dangerous and illegal. Command AP900 Cruise Control features help prevent:

• Unintentional speeding

• Excessive fuel consumption

• Speeding fines

• Increased fuel costs

• Potential loss of licence

Lite On Automotive Electronics and Command Auto Group Pty Ltd have developed an electronic interface Cruise Control for Drive by Wire vehicle types.

After significant product testing and evaluation, the new ‘Command AP900 Cruise Control’ Series is now available in Australia and offers significant advantages for electronic interface Drive by Wire installations. This replaces our ever reliable AP800 Drive By Wire product.

This product utilises the current switches available for the AP300 and AP500 products without requiring any specific programming.

The new Command AP900 Cruise Control Series product is suitable for multiple vehicle applications and will utilise vehicle specific as well as universal harnesses for various vehicle brands hence eliminating the requirement to carry multiple cruise control models. This has the potential to reduce your inventory requirements significantly.

Command AP900 cruise control calibration for your specific vehicle installation is performed “on road” with a similar procedure as the current AP300 and AP500 models. This procedure is “state of the art” and allows for precise adjustments to suit vehicle peculiarities or driver requirements.


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