Focal P30DB 12in Subwoofer

Focal Car Sound


Signature Car Sound, the Home of Focal on the Sunshine Coast




The Performance line’s P 30 DB subwoofer has a nominal power of 300W RMS. It is ideal for using with sealed or bass-reflex enclosures. Its 2 x 4 Ohm double voice coil gives you various options for hooking it up to an amplifier.

The Sub P30 DB really gives your car audio system an upper edge. It offers high power handling thanks to the 2? (50mm) voice coil with a Kapton frame.. The butyl suspension gives the subwoofer more durability, and the decompression of the spider ventilates the voice coil. This enables your system to achieve extreme performance with pronounced and tight bass.


Key points:

  • For sealed or vented box
  • High sensitivity
  • 2 x 4 Ohms dual voice coil
  • 511/16” (14,5cm) dual ferrite