Alpine LC16-X801D 8″ Navi Solution for Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series

8″ Navigation Multimedia Solution for 2016+ Toyota 200 Series Landcruiser


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This product has been discontinued.


Alpine LC16-X801D Navi Solution for Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series

8″ Navigation Multimedia Solution

Suitable for 2016+ Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series



Toyota Landcruiser’s travel across Australia with ease.  Whether you’re trekking across town for the kids or heading to the Kimberley’s, Alpine’s navigation and multimedia system matches the Landcruiser’s reputation for reliability and adventurous spirit. 

The Alpine X801D-U 8” Navigation Station offers advanced navigation features such as 3D landmarks, Advanced 4WD Off Road maps, enhanced POI’s and school zone alerts.

For further information on the Alpine X801D-U 8″ Advanced Navigation Multimedia Station, click here.

2016-Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series

With the option of the new Alpine X801D-U 8″ Advanced DAB+ Navigation Station you can intergrate into your Toyota Landcruiser  dash with a premium, clean and professional finish.

The Alpine X801D-U makes in-car entertainment a bigger and better experience with its stunning 43% larger 8″ Capacitive touch display, and with Alpine’s Perfect FIT Dash Kit it seamlessly integrates with Toyota vehicles.



swc333x200 cs_reverse_camera navi-333x200

Steering Wheel Controls

Have full control of the factory steering wheel audio controls, as well as answer and hang up with Alpine’s built in Bluetooth connectivity.

Rear Camera Option

The optional rear-view camera automatically engages when reversing and also mutes audio so you can manoeuvre your vehicle safely with full concentration.

Advanced Navigation

Experience rich content with 3D buildings and landmarks, lane guidance, TMC live traffic updates and intuitive turn-by-turn navigation.



HDMI & USB Input Panel

Designed especially for the Toyota, this input panel makes connecting HDMI & USB easier than ever! Watch content from a number of devices on your high resolution screen.

4WD Maps

Explore and navigate thousands of Australia’s 4WD tracks with an all digital terrain and graphic elevation for a truly intuitive off-road experience.

Toyota LC16-X801D Perfect Fit Solution includes:



This Perfect Fit Solution has been made to suit the following vehicles^:

Model Year
200 Series (Excludes the Sahara) 2016>

^The above table is only an indication of the vehicles that the kit may be installed into and is subject to change without notice. Please seek the advice of an Authorised Alpine Dealer before purchasing any perfect fit solutions to ensure your vehicle is compatible for installation.



Alpine X801D-U Features:

3 Year MapCare Updates3yearmapcare

Alpine’s MapCare ensures your Alpine X801D-Unavigation system is fully up-to-date for 3 years, free of charge. This provides peace of mind knowing that you’ll have access to the latest maps, POI’s and other content released by Alpine.

What’s more, updating is easy, simply follow the prompts at or website.



4WD Off Road Adventure Navigation


Included with the Alpine X801D-U is a 4WD mode that lets you explore thousands of Australia’s most popular 4WD tracks.

In 4WD mode you’ll experience full guidance with detailed digital terrain graphics with contours and shading of the landscape, providing a truly intuitive 4WD navigation guidance experience.




Here Mapshere

The Alpine X801D-U comes pre-loaded with the most up-to-date HERE maps providing a sophisticated and ultra-precise digital map database for the most reliable road guidance in Australia and New Zealand.

Previously known as NAVTEQ maps.



SUNA Live Trafficsuna

The Alpine X801D-U will keep you ahead of traffic congestion and road incidents.

Suna Live Traffic provides real-time traffic cautions. When approaching adverse road or traffic conditions the Alpine X801D-U Navigation system can automatically reroute you.



Vision 3 Year Warrantyvision_warranty

The Alpine X801D-U has an exclusive Vision 3 Year Warranty is offered with this product when expertly installed by Signature Car Sound who are one of Alpine Australia’s Authorised Dealers.



CAN UART Interfacecan_logo

The Alpine X801D-U is an Advanced Navigation Station which  is designed for seamless integration into varioius vehicles with factory equipped fuctions.

It’s CAN to UART input provides connection to compatible Alpine interfaces, such as the Alpine APF-X100VW, for high resolution display of climate settings and parking assist.

Additionally, the interfaces can enable where appropriate, Steering Wheel Control and OEM Sub Display for output to the multi-function display.



Direct Camera Readycamera_ready

The Alpine X801D-U head unit is ready for an optional direct input reverse camera. The camera is compact and connects with one cable directly into the back of the head unit.

Its picture is bright and clear, so you always know what is behind you for easy maneuvering and safety.



USB for iPod or iPhone and MP3/WMA/AACusb

The USB connection provides seamless access and playback of your audio content stored on your iPod® or iPhone®. It also lets you enjoy the convenient playback of MP3/WMA/AAC audio files stored on USB  media devices such as memory sticks and portable hard disc drives.

What’s more, the Alpine X801D-U has a quick search function which provides easy file and folder search, as well as alphabetical ordering and DRM10 (Digital Rights Management)* compatibility.




The Alpine X801D-U has a HDMI input enables simple connection of smartphones and other devices for playback of video and content output from the smartphone or device.

The HDMI connection provides a high resolution input for rich colour and vivid display of the source video.



Bluetooth bluetooth

The Alpine X801D-U offers bluetooth in your car for full operation of a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone from the head unit.

Drivers can keep their phone in their pocket or bag and keep their hands on the wheel while receiving calls and getting a clear view of the caller ID, phone book and other information on the display.

A convenient and safe way to use mobile phones while driving.



DAB+ built-in dab+

The Alpine X801D-U features DAB+ which is a major upgrade to the DAB standard, providing great quality audio as well as text content display including station title information, artist and song titles.

Reception quality is more robust due to stronger error correction coding, and MPEG audio format has also been adopted for superb sound reproduction.

This provides you with a range of quality digital only stations that you can tune by station name, produced with clearer sound and improved reception, for a crystal clear radio listening experience like never before.



24 bit D/A converter24_bitdac

To ensure only the best sound quality, the premium Alpine X801D-U head unit uses high-resolution Burr Brown 24-Bit Digital-to-Analogue conversion.

The 24-Bit DAC decodes the digital signal into amazing sound reproduction, allowing for an incredible Signal to Noise ratio of 105dB.



50Watts x 4 Built-in Amplifier 50wx4

The Alpine X801D-U head unit delivers exceptional clean sound from its built-in high-power 50Watts x4 amplifier.

Perfectly matched to Alpine speakers, you will enjoy brilliant sound quality.



4V Preouts4vpreout

Alpine X801D-U offers 4V Pre-Out stage ensuring ultra clean signal transmission from the head unit to amplifiers.

When gain matched to amplifiers, the high level 4Volt RCA output virtually eliminates noise and distortion, even at high volume levels.



3 Preouts3pre_out

The Alpine X801D-U has three sets of RCA PreOut letting you build a full-fledged sound system to add multiple amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers for a truly remarkable premium sound system.

The subwoofer control allows you to adjust the bass level intensity to exactly how you like it.



Alpine TuneIt TTS ApptuneIt_TTS

Alpine’s TuneIt app makes smartphone integration a breeze, offering advanced audio tuning, download of preset audio parameters and Facebook access optimised for on-the-run information. Plus, with text-to-speech (TTS) you can choose for your Facebook notifications to be read aloud over the cars sound system.

This app can be accessed via both Android and iOS devices.

> Alpine TuneIt TTS App Technology



Facebook compatiblefacebook_

Alpine’s TuneIt app allows the unit to receive Facebook notifications with text-to-speech, for on-the-run information.



Radio Data System rds

the  Alpine X801D-U has RDS which is a communications protocol which sends small amounts of digital information to your head unit. This allows you to view extra radio information, including station name and now playing track/artist information.



Android Compatible android_


The Alpine X801D-U offers Media and app control from Android smartphones which is supported through this device, making it a great unit for smartphone users.


FLAC Free Lossless Audio Codecflac

With the Alpine X801D-U you will be ready to play the latest music file formats including FLAC high-resolution music for outstanding audiophile sound reproduction.

Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) is a codec for lossless audio compression. FLAC is similar to MP3, but lossless, meaning that audio is compressed in FLAC without any loss in quality.



Made for iPod and iPhonemade_for_ipod_iphone

With the Alpine X801D-U 8″ Navigation Multimedia Station it’s simply the best way to control your iPhone or iPod in the car – enjoy seamless operation of your iPhone or iPod in addition to full control of all your favorite media sources. Control all search options of your iPhone or iPod directly from the receiver, via Artist, Playlist, Album, Song, Genre, Podcast, or Composer and more.


4WD Off Road Maps

Explore and navigate thousands of Australia’s 4WD tracks with an all digital terrain and graphic elevation for a truly intuitive off-road experience.



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