Alpine SPR-10TW Type R 1” silk ring dome tweeters

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This product has been discontinued.


Alpine SPR-10TW

Type R 1” silk ring dome tweeters

Add awesome Type-R high frequencies to any system.

Now you can add on a great-sounding tweeter that handles tons of power to any OEM or aftermarket sound system with ease.


Alpine SPR-10TW Tweeters

Add awesome Type-R high frequencies to any system.
The high-performance tweeter you love in the new Alpine SPR-10TW Type-R tweeter  is now available as a separate component.

The Power of the EQ Ring

Alpine’s new EQ Ring improves the tweeter’s dispersion characteristics, providing excellent off-axis response. This means that no matter where you place your new Type R tweeters, they will maintain their wide, flat frequency response.

Ultimate Power Handling

Type-R is known for legendary power handling capabilities, and the new Type-R tweeter is no exception. Its copper-clad aluminum voice coil, copper shorting cap, high-grade neodymium magnet, and aluminum bobbin combine to deliver best-in-class power handling of 150 watts RMS and 450 watts peak, so turn up the volume!

Tiny Crossover

We even took the redesign all the way down to the crossover network. It’s 75% smaller than previous networks and uses extremely high-grade components, along with extremely precise trace wire tweeter resistance built right in to the crossover circuit board. The crossover’s cover slides back to reveal 4-levels of tweeter adjustments: 0dB, -2dB, -4dB, and -6dB for precise tuning.

Silk Ring Dome means Smooth Response

The 1” pure silk ring dome tweeter design is engineered to provide smooth, accurate high frequency response at any power level. The built-in resonance absorber works with the ring dome to reduce coloration and ringing in the high-frequency spectrum too.

The Look You Want

The Type R Component tweeters include a removable logo, so you can go for a high-profile look or keep it stealth… your choice.


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