Focal has been designing and manufacturing loudspeakers for the home, speaker drivers for cars and studio monitors for recording studios for over 30 years, and more recently headphones.

Based in Saint-Étienne, France, Focal is a world leader in the industry thanks to their technologies and constant innovation.

This philosophy adds long-term value to Focal loudspeakers, because you won’t find these technologies anywhere else.


madeinfrance_200x200Focal is recognised and renowned worldwide, particularly for their expertise and manufacturing “Made in France”.

In terms of expertise, first of all, Focal products, all categories included, are designed and developed in France by their team of engineers at their workshop in Saint-Étienne. Thus, each product benefits from Focal technology and innovation.

The 100% Focal design ensures the perpetuity of the tradition and our philosophy “the Spirit of Sound”. It is also, and most of all, the best way to ensure they have full control over the design and quality control phases in order to provide quality products.

Next, in terms of production, the speaker drivers and loudspeakers are entirely manufactured in Saint-Étienne (Loire department, Rhône-Alpes) following the relocation of production in 2002, in order to have optimal control over their products.

Indeed, producing their products at their factory in France really adds value and guarantees an optimal level of sound quality, thanks to their unique expertise, their specific production line and their assembly which is in part carried out by hand.

To this end, all the cabinets of their high-end loudspeakers are made at our Guy HF facility in Bourbon-Lancy (Saône-et-Loire department, Burgundy) and the final assembly of all their hi-fi loudspeakers is carried out at their factory in order to ensure maximum quality.

In summary, 100% of their hi-fi loudspeakers and studio monitors as well as the high-end products of their Car audio category are made in France.

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