Alpine SWX-1243D (Discontinued)

A Quality 12″ Subwoofer


Signature Car Sound – Home Of Alpine on the Sunshine Coast 


This product has been discontinued.


If you are looking for a high-quality subwoofer with the most accurate and precise in-vehicle subwoofer performance, then look no further.

Alpine’s 2nd generation state-of-the-art Type-X Subwoofers are your answer. With the advanced motor structure and new sound of these subs, you will experience higher efficiency, lower heat creation while maintaining superb sound, so you can really crank up the bass.

Type-X Top-of-the-line Subwoofers

These top-of-the-line subwoofers deliver exceptionally powerful, yet tight and accurate bass. Their ultra-high performance and efficiency comes from an ultra-lightweight cone and large strontium magnet, and they include a unique venting system for better cooling.

Type-X Large Stronium Magnet

A Specially designed, advanced motor structure and extra-large, triple-stacked stronium magnets ensure that these subwoofers are very efficient. In fact, stronium magnets are used in smaller speakers for their efficiency; using large stronium magnets in subwoofers results in extremely high performance.

Type-X Easy-Access Terminals

Simple jumpers with solid-insert, gold-plated terminals make it very easy to configure these subwoofers for series or parallel applications. Dual-woven tinsel leads with terminals on the same side can handle heavy gauge speaker wire.

Type-X Aerospace Material Cone

The Kevlar-Rohacell cone is made of lighter and stronger material than previous models, for less moving mass and greater efficiency. The underside uses a vented force transfer assembly for added strength, contributing to high SPL and fast, accurate response. This combination of light weight and strength maximises bass output while ensuring durability.

Type-X High-Amplitude Multi Roll Surround

In order to handle extra-high SPL, the suspension has to travel far and still maintain control. Most designs sacrifice cone area for a wide surround, or sound quality for a tall surround. The High-Amplitude Multi Roll Surround is formed from injection-moulded multi-roll Santoprene, enabling both a larger cone area for higher SPL and greater cone excursion for better sound quality.