Alpine KTP-445U Power Pack

4 Channel Amplifier (Power Pack)


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Alpine KTP-445U

Power Pack – 4 chl Amplifier

Add higher output and more dynamic response with this easy-to-install head unit power upgrade.


The Alpine KTP-445U Universal Power Pack amplifies the head unit power output, resulting in a 150 percent power increase over the original power from the head unit’s built-in amplifier.

Easy Installation and Flexibility


Compact size lets the KTP-445U fit where most amplifiers won’t. The KTP-445U comes equipped with the RCA and Auto-Sensing-Speaker level connectors and it fits behind the head unit in the dash of most vehicles. It’s small and compact at only 7-7/16″ x 1-1/2″ x 2-1/2″. The size and flexible wires make the Power Pack an easy choice to save space.


Independent Filters for Rear & Front Inputs

High-Pass selectable switches for Front & Rear allow frequency filtering for a wide variety of speakers. Choose from full range to selectable range: 60Hz, 80Hz or 120Hz to fine-tune your crossover points.


Configurable Inputs

Need configurable options for Speaker-Level or RCA inputs to the Power Pack? On the bottom panel of the Power Pack there are selectable input options to accommodate Speaker-Level (0.5V-10V) or RCA (0.2V – 4V) inputs. Selectable 2 Channel and 4 Channel options give you the control to determine source inputs, and can eliminate the need for Y-adapters.

Accessible Front & Rear Gains

The Power Pack provides simple variable gain controls on the end panel for flexibility and a wide variety of system applications.


Best Signal-to-Noise Contender In Its Class

In order to ensure that Alpine sound quality is heard at your ears, we’ve created a platform that offers an unbelievably low noise floor, taking extra care to ensure a clean signal path, with no extraneous interference. The end result: The Power Pack boasts 1 Watt Signal-to-Noise Ratio of 82dB or better.


Total Harmonic Distortion (THD+N) vs. Frequency

Uniquely, the Power Pack distortion actually decreases at higher frequencies, resulting in a clean and clear signal where your ear is most sensitive to distortion. – < 0.03% THD+N @ 1W, 1% THD+N @ rated power.


Alpine KTP-445U

Alpine KTP-445U – Features

  • For aftermarket and factory installed systems
  • Compact size
  • 45 Watts x 4 @ 4ohm/2ohm
  • 90 Watts x 2 @ 4ohm Bridged

Alpine KTP-445U

Alpine KTP-445U – Specifications

Power Output

  • Per Channel, Ref: 14.4V, 4ohms, @ < 1% THD+N: 45W RMS x 4
  • Per Channel, Ref: 14.4V, 2ohms, @ < 1% THD+N: 45W RMS x 4

S/N Ratio

  • IHF A-wtd + AES-17, Ref: 1 W into 4 ohms: 82dB
  • IHF A-wtd + AES-17, Ref: Rated Power into 4 ohms: 98dB

Frequency Response

  • +0 / -3 dB, Ref: 1 W into 4 ohms 15Hz – 45kHz

Input Impedance

  •  > 10k ohms

Input Sensitivity

  • Ref: Rated Power into 4 ohms, RCA Inputs: 0,2 – 4,0 V
  • Ref: Rated Power into 4 ohms, Speaker Level Inputs: 0,5 – 10,0 V


  • Ch 1 / 2: Selectable HPF (-12 dB/oct.), defeatable: Off/60/80/120Hz
  • Ch 3 / 4: Selectable HPF (-12 dB/oct.), defeatable: Off/60/80/120Hz


  • Width: 189.0mm (7-7/16″)
  • Height: 38.2mm (1-1/2″)
  • Depth: 64.5mm (2-1/2″)
  • Weight: 0.8kg (1,5lbs)

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