Stinger STK8 8G Amplifier Cable Kit

8 Gauge Amplifier Power Cable Pack.Premium 8 Gauge Amplifier Cable kit


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Stinger STK8

8 Gauge Wiring Kit.

Stinger STK8

Stinger Australia 8 Gauge Amplifier Wiring Kit

The Stinger Australia STK range of complete power wiring kits offer exceptional value for money and outstanding performance.
Each kit includes everything required for a basic installation of a 2 Channel or monoblock amplifier.

Featuring CCA entry level power cable with twisted pair Stinger Australia RCA interconnect leads plus accessory hardware.

Stinger STK8 – Features

  • 8 Gauge power & earth wire
  • 5 Meter RCA Cable
  • 5 Meter Trigger wire
  • 6 Meter 16 Gauge Speaker wire
  • Mini ANL Fuse Holder with 60 Amp Fuse
  • Installation Accessories Included


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